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Linear Guide, Custom-made Linear Actuator Assembly with Ball Screw & Motor
Customized 100-1500mm Effective Stroke, Metarials:Aluminium Alloy Shell+Ball Screw+Stepping Motor, Free Expedited Shipping from China to worldwide
Item ID #A0014
Product Description:

Linear Guide is a device that can move in straight line , it can be used in automation industry.

Item specifics:


Package include:
1x Linear Guide


1.Laser machine industry:Laser cutting machines and laser engeraving machines,etc
2.Rubber machine industry:automatic rubber machine and semi-automatic rubber machine,etc
3.Industrial machinery:plastic machinery,printing machinery, textile machinery, papermarking machinery, food machinery and woodworking machinery,etc
4.Electronic machinery:semiconductor machinery, mechanical arm, X-Y platform, measurement equiptment and electronic equipment,etc
5.High-speed transportation equipment.
6.Medical equipment.
Reliable quality, Low noise, High precision
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