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Anti-backlash ball screw SFU1605-L1000 with single ball screw nut end machined and 1 set BK / BF12
Item ID #A0012


- Brand new and high quality

- L1000mm end machined

- Smooth movement

- High precision, duration and reliability

- High efficiency of transferring



1) 3D printers, stepper motor etc.

2) Industrial machinery Printing, paper-processing, automatic machines, textiles, etc.

3) Electronic machinery Robot, measuring instruments, medical equipment, X-Y table, factory automation equipment, etc.

4) Transport machinery Material handling equipment, nuclear reactor-actuator, etc.

5) Aircraft applications: aircraft flaps, actuators, airport loading equipment, etc.



1x SFU1605-L1000mm Ball screw

1x SFU1605-Ball Nut
1 Set BK12 / BF12


1)The above length are for overall length, included the machined part.

2)The length can be cut according to your need. If the length we listed are not suitable for your requirement, please contact us.

3)We will make standard end machining according the following drawing, if you need make special machining, we can do it and please let us know the drawing before you order.

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