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Customized 100-1500mm Stroke Length Linear Guide Motion with ball Screw
Stroke length: 100-1500mm(Customized) FREE Expedited Shipping from China to worldwide
Item ID #A0015
Product Description:

Linear Guide Motion can make the automation of the lighter load more flexible and fix position more precisely by rectilinear motion of load which is realized through the combination of all units.

Item Specifics:

Drive Type Ball screw
Screw Lead 10mm
Bearing Type Single Square Rail
Motor Type 2-Phase Nema24 Stepper Motor
Effective Travel Length L(mm) 100mm-1500mm
Effective Travel Length(inch) 4
Max. Speed(mm/s) 200
Max. Speed(inch/s) 7.87
Normal Load Capacity(kgs) 60
Normal Load Capacity(lbs) 132
Axial Load Capacity(kgs) 20
Axial Load Capacity(lbs) 44

Load/Speed recommendations
Stroke Range(mm) 100~1000 1000~1500
Load(kgs) 0~10    10-20 20~40 40~60 0~10 10-20 20-40 40-60
Horizontally(mm/s) 200 180 150 120 150 130 120 100
 Vertically(mm/s) 150 80 - - 120 50   - -
Test Conditions Voltage: 24v                                                  Current:3A



Faster speed of Monomer movement, high accuracy of repeat position, light body, small equipment, long working life,etc


Photovoltaic equipment, upper and lower feeding manipulator, cutting equipment, glue coating equipment, patch equipment,etc

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