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Process Method For Manufacturing Ball Screw
In the non-standard equipment and fixtures, the long screw can be widely used, in order to improve the life of the ball screw, widely used hardened screw, this screw mainly based grinding, precision to be guaranteed by the grinding of thread grinder.

Screw in the heat treatment process should pay attention to avoid the bending deformation, try not to use the straightening process, when necessary, only use heat straightening.

Because at room temperature straightening screw, although a short time appears to have straightened, but the second day or after grinding will produce bending.

Screw technological datum is at both ends of the center hole, center hole generally should be using the B type center hole, which can prevent the end face bumps and affect the accuracy of the center hole.

While the hardness of the center hole should reach 6O ~ 65HRC, center hole precision is the key to ensure the screw precision, before coarse grinding, accurate grinding process that is hardening, must arrange repair grinding process of center hole after lose efficacy.

The correct choice of grinding parameters can improve the accuracy of the screw and improve surface quality, reduce the surface defects such as corrugated, burn and so on. The choice of grinding amount should take full account of the workpiece material and heat treatment hardness, surface roughness, grain size and hardness of grinding wheel, coarse or accurate grinding and other factors.

Manufacture of high precision hardened long screw, critically depends on the reasonable choice of materials, manufacturing process choreography the reasonable hot and cold process to maintain the stability of its size, the selection and control of the relevant factors in grinding process.

Through the production practice, it is proved that the products by the above grinding process production are in accordance with the design requirements and the bearing quality is stable.