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Precision Ball Screw High Speed
Precision ball screw achieve high-speed main contradiction to be solved

In the case of accuracy, line speed, acceleration (deceleration) must be considered, the need to address the following issues. Ball screw maximum working speed can not exceed the resonance critical speed Nc.

Nc is related to the screw material, thread paths, two ends supporting method, bearing spacing and other factors. With the development of science and technology, the Nc value is also increasing. Ball in the thread raceway and return device in both smooth and reliable circulation rolling safety speed, can use the similar bearing d0n value to the representation (d0 as the nominal diameter of the ball screw, n is the screw speed).

To achieve high speed, must through improved the ball nut reverse device, improve manufacturing accuracy, installation accuracy and support stiffness to increase the d0n value. Now d0n value has increased from 70000 to 150000.

To solve the noise, temperature rise and thermal deformation caused by high speed. According to the experimental results, without the noise reduction and vibration reduction measures, the ball screw speed increased every 1000r/min, the noise increased 4 ~ 5dB (A), the ball nut temperature risen 5 ~ 6 ℃.

The above three points explains: only to increase the speed of the screw to improve the feed drive speed is not wise. To improve the ball screw acceleration (deceleration) characteristics, improve the ability to fast-track the movement instruction, must improve the ball screw shaft system stiffness and the ball screw axial stiffness, reducing the starting and stopping instants elastic deformation. To fix the ball screw and the surrounding components reliability in high-speed running.