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Measures To Improve Ball Screw Performance
High-speed machining is a high-tech for the 21st century, it with the high efficiency, high precision and high surface quality as the basic features, in aerospace, automotive, mold manufacturing, optoelectronic engineering and instrumentation industry gained more and more widely applications, and has made significant technical and economic benefits, is an important part of modern advanced manufacturing technology.

In order to achieve high speed processing, first of all have high-speed CNC machine tools. High speed CNC machine tools must have high-speed spindle system and high-speed feed system, in order to realize the high speed of material cutting process. In order to achieve high-speed feed, domestic and foreign manufacturers continue to take measures to improve the high speed performance of ball screw. The main measures are:

1, Appropriate to increase the screw speed, lead and number of metric threads cut. The commonly used matching of the nominal diameter and the lead of the high-lead ball screws are: 40mm × 20mm, 50mm × 25mm, 50mm × 30mm, the feed speed can reach 60m / min or more. In order to increase the rigidity and bearing capacity of the ball screw, large lead ball screw generally use double thread to increase the effective number of bearing rings of balls.

2, Improve the structure, improve ball movement fluency. Improved ball circulation reverse device, optimization curve parameter of circle bead groove, using three-dimensional modeling of the guide bead tube and the ball returning device, truly along the inner thread lead angle direction bring the ball into nut body. The ball movement direction and raceway tangent rather than intersecting. This can minimize the impact loss and noise.

3, Adopt "hollow strong cold" technology. High-speed ball screw at run time due to the friction heat, causing thermal deformation of the screw, a direct impact on the high-speed machining accuracy. Adopt "hollow strong cold" technology, is the thermostat coolant through the hollow screw holes for the ball screw forced cooling, keeping the ball screw on temperature constant. This measure is an effective way to improve the high speed performance and working accuracy of medium / large scale ball screw.

4, For large stroke of the high-speed feed system, can use screw fixed, nut rotation transmission mode. At this point, nuts one side rotating, one side along the fixed screw axial movement, due to the screw does not move, can be avoided by the critical speed limit, avoiding all sorts of problems when high-speed operation of the elongated ball screw. Nut inertia small, movement flexible, can achieve high speed.

5, Further improve the manufacturing quality of ball screw. By adopting all these measures some problems of the traditional ball screw can be overcome to a certain extent. Japan and Switzerland in the ball screw high speed has been in the leading position in the world, its largest fast moving speeds up to 60m / min, in individual cases even up to 90m / min, acceleration of up to 15m / s2. Since the ball screw historic, mature technology, widely used, low cost, and therefore in the moderate load, the feed speed requirement is not very high, the travel range is not too large (less than 4 ~ 5m) of the general high-speed machining centers and other economic type high-speed CNC machine tools still often used.