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Linear Bearing Inspection Projects
Linear bearings after installation inspection methods

Linear bearing is a low-cost production of linear motion system, for unlimited travel in conjunction with the cylinder axis. Since the bearing ball is in contact with the shaft, so the use of small load. The steel ball is rotated with minimal friction resistance, which can get high-precision smooth movement.

When the linear bearing is installed, observe linear bearings the following conditions.

1, The rotation of the rotating system is axe stable, flexible without blocking, no loosening, or the phenomenon of the front and back movement.

2, Whether the rotation system and the fixed part has touching or interference.

3, To observe whether the supply or circulation of lubricant oil is normal, whether the gap between the sealing device is symmetrical, and whether the fastener is loose or not.

4, End face of the linear bearing inner ring is surely inconsistent with the shoulder end surface of the shaft, if there is a gap therebetween.

Also, check the rotation precision of linear bearing rotating system, the axial spacing accuracy, working clearance, and other necessary inspection projects. Finally, when the inspection confirmed that all projects properly, you can get start to use, but when notice any abnormal signs, you should immediately stop using and troubleshooting.

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