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Development Status and Trends of Ball Screw
In recent years, people began to pay attention to the pre-tightening torque fluctuation amount of ball screw, before people only pay attention to the error curve of ball screw integrated stroke, and now starting to focus on the ball screw pre-tightening torque curve. Because of these two curves, the performance of the ball screw can be well reflected.

In order to meet these requirements, Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute has developed a ball screw comprehensive stroke error measuring instrument and pre-tightening torque measuring instrument. Application of modern measuring instruments and high-precision sensors, during the measurement can display real-time stroke error curve and pre-tightening torque curve, and print out the complete measurement report, to measure the quality of ball screw assembly, providing a reliable means of detection.

With the development of CNC machine tools, "high-speed, high efficiency" has become the goal of the manufacturers, the high-speed drive and positioning components, linear motors have been published abroad, starting for machining centers, rapid feed speeds reached more than 160m/min , acceleration up to more than 4g, presents a serious challenge to the ball screw. However, due to the linear motor expensive, complex control systems, measures should be taken to solve the magnets attract the metal cutting chip, a strong magnet of bodily harm and fever and other shortcomings, gained popularity in recent times is difficult. Ball screw is still now the most preferred high-speed driving, most of the high-speed machining centers abroad still use ball screw. In order to achieve the purpose of high-speed drive, designed to improve motor speed (maximum motor speed up to 4000r/min) at the same time, the use of large lead ball screw, lead up to 32mm. Such as Japan Mazak company in FF660 machine tool using ball screw assembly, machine rapid moving speed up to 90m/min and acceleration up to 1.5g.

In the past, orried about high lead ball screw assembly drive effect on the accuracy of machining center, taking the lead Ph≤10mm when designed. With the progress of science and technology, from the 1999 Japan International Machine Tool Fair can be seen, Design and Research now most of the high-speed machining centers use large lead ball screw.

Ball screw at high speed drive the main problems are: noise, temperature rise, precision. The main reasons for ball screw noise are: balls in the circulation loop fluency, the balls collision, the raceway roughness, screw bending. Ball screw temperature rise mainly caused by the friction between the the ball and screw, ball nut, inverter and balls friction generated. To solve the above problems should first begin from the ball screw structure design, to take measures against the problems; on the other hand, from the process to resolve, through a reasonable process, improve the quality of products; select the appropriate ball screw pre-tightening torque; reducing the amount of variation of pre-tightening torque of ball screw, making the ball screw assembly adapt the requirements of high-speed driving.

Anyway, with the continuous development of society, users for ball screw assembly requirements are more and more strict, demand diversification, prompting the ball screw manufacturing factory to continuously improve product quality and to develop new varieties, to meet the user's demand.