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Ball Screw Thermal Displacement
Ball screw thermal displacement affect screw precision

Ball screw shaft is elongated displacement due to heating, would lead to loss precision of screw, resulting in mechanical functional failure. Basically screw temperature rises one degree centigrade, produces elongation of 12μm in 1 meter long ball screw shaft. So even the ball screw lead after high-precision machining, also because of the temperature rise generate the displacement and affect the accuracy of screw, can not achieve high-precision positioning requirements. In addition, when conditions require the use of ball screw high-speed operation, the relative incidence of heat will increase, the temperature rise cause the displacement will be more likely to occur.

Ball screw thermal displacement is such affect screw precision, then how do we deal with:

1, First to control heat. Ball preload in ball screw nut to adjust in advance, because too large preload would have greater friction, and then heat generated by friction, resulting in greater temperature increase, thereby forming a thermal displacement. Ball screw lubricant should be the right choice and supply, the lubricant roughness has a direct impact on frictional heating of ball and screw surface. To increase the lead of ball screw, reducing the number of rotation from the operation, it can reduce the distance of ball movement, reducing friction.

2, Intermittent cooling can be carried out during the work of the screw. Screw shaft can be made hollow, through cooling liquid. The outer edge of the screw shaft with a lubricant or air for the surface cooling, reduce the heat.

3, The process of using the process method of preventing heat. Adjust the temperature of screw used environment, try to be regulated at lower temperatures. Screw shaft can be applied pre-tension in the installation, the lead of the first target value negative, using the closed rotary positioning.