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Ball Screw Protective Cover
Screw protective cover can effectively prevent dust and other pollution and damage

Cylinder protective cover commonly known as telescopic screw shield, screw shield is a kind of protective cover, it can effectively protect the screw, light bars, shafts, columns and other parts from dust and other foreign objects pollution and destruction, can be stretched or compressed with the parts motion, vertical or horizontal can be used.

When horizontal use recommended using plastic or aluminum support ring, retaining a certain uniform distance between the shield cavity and the screw, to extend the service life. You can add a metal ring at each cover when a large stretching length, improve the stability of the shield.

Connection or fixed ends commonly used metal flange plate, can also choose ferrule type. Screw shields by processing methods, while also taking into account the different materials suitable for different process can be divided into two types.

One is the steel ring supported screw protective cover, this cover using a variety of fabrics, there are hard steel supporting ring inside, can work normally in high temperature of 110 ℃ and low temperature of -40 ℃.

Can effectively dustproof, waterproof, anti oil, anti emulsion and chemicals. This shield has a neat appearance, not easy deformation characteristics, based on its tight, strong, this shield can be used in many mechanical ventilation and dust removal, etc. This product is flexible not only in the material optional, but also it can be based on the specific requirements to determine the required diameter and length.

Another is sewing screw shield, circular screw shield is sewn by stamping wafers, adjacent two internal sides, two outsides stitched together, by sewing can achieve better appearance stable and the horizontal direction solid. Materials according to different working environment have many options.