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Ball Screw Parts Recycling
The ball screw parts still have the residual value for recycling

Ball screw in the cost structure, the proportion of the screw is usually the largest, and replace the ball and nuts (if necessary) can minimize maintenance costs. In addition, secondary grinding screw and nut, to further increase its life. Renovated and refurbished ball screw, its function can reach the level of new components, service life can reach 70%.

In the use or disassembly process, the shaft neck and other mounting surface may be damaged, in general, this damage can be repaired. It can recommend renovated unit use stainless steel additive as raw material metal spray plating technology for renovation of shaft neck, avoid the use of harmful chromium plating. Metal spray plating process can be completed within a renovation unit workshop, thus speeding up the repair rate.

Recycling: If the product had almost run out of life, can not be renovated, but the ball screw parts still have residual value. The steel in the lead screw has residual value, for recycling. Plastic inverter and squeegee blade can be recycled, they are usually handed over to the recycling unit for processing.

Environmental protection applications: Ball screw is widely used in various environmental protection technologies. In electric vehicles, EMA and the ball screw can replace common hydraulic system, steering, traction control and braking function. The fan blade pitch and the yaw function of the fan can be driven by ball screw drive device. In the hydropower station can use it to control the gate. In solar power, need to track the sun to maximize energy efficiency, use electromechanical drive to achieve two or three-axis motion.