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Ball Screw Lead Accuracy
The selection of ball screw lead accuracy and nominal model and support method

Ball screw is a precision, highly efficient transmission component, with its high speed, high rigidity, reversible, long life, synchronization, high sensitivity, seamless, simple maintenance and other advantages is widely used in modern CNC machine tool servo mechanism.

At the same time, the use of ball screw is one of the basic characteristics of CNC machine tools different from ordinary machine tools. Since the ball screw directly affect the accuracy, parameters and production costs of CNC machine tools, and therefore in the design of the machine tool must be a reasonable selection of ball screw and a series of calculations check.

Ball screw accuracy directly influence the positioning accuracy of CNC machine tools, in the ball screw accuracy parameters, the lead error effect on machine tool positioning accuracy is the most obvious.

Generally in the preliminary designing set of the screw any 300mm stroke variation (V300P) should be less than the target set positioning accuracy value of the l/3 ~ 1/2, to determine in the final accuracy calculation. Ball screw accuracy is divided into 7 levels, that is, 1-7 and 10, 1 is the highest accuracy, in descending order.

Nominal model mainly refers to the nominal diameter and lead of the screw. The initial phase of the design can be based on the technical requirements of the machine tool to select the ball screw model, and then calculate and check, the calculation results meet the design requirements can be finalized.

In the design of CNC machine tool, the ball screw support method generally choose the "fixed - support" or "fixed - fixed". The support method of "fixed - support" assembly is relatively easy, good rigidity, high precision, mainly used in medium speed, larger stroke, heavy load environments. "Fixed - fixed" support method assembly is relatively difficult, good rigidity, high precision, often used in high speed, large stroke, heavy load environments.