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Ball Screw Dustproof
Ball screw how to achieve the dustproof effect without friction resistance

Ball screw assembly and other rolling friction transmission components, as long as avoid the abrasive particles and chemical active substances enter, we can think of these components are almost no wear working.

The sealing ring in addition to use the soft felt, can also use oil resistant rubber or nylon material. As the sealing ring direct contact with the screw, so the dustproof effect is better, but also increase the friction resistance torque of the ball screw nut assembly.

In order to avoid this kind of friction resistance torque, can be used by a hard plastic non-contact labyrinth seals, the inner hole is made into the screw thread rolling opposite track shape and leaving a gap.

For the exposed screw, generally use the spiral rigid band, telescopic, conical sleeve and folding plastic, artificial leather, etc. the form of protective cover, to prevent dust and abrasive particles adhered to the surface of the screw.

In addition to similar with the guide rails protective cover, the one end of the shield is connected to the end face of the ball nut, and the other end is fixed on the support base of the ball screw. This can be more firmly.