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Ball Screw Consider The Lubricant Factor
Ball screw lubrication system to consider oiling method

In the ball screw design and selection, you must consider many parameters. Operating load, speed, accuracy, environment and power requirements in the design criteria are very important conditions.

Whether the design engineer to select the rolled ball screw or precision ground ball screw, the lubricant factor must fully considered.

The choice of appropriate lubricant can reduce friction, reduce the friction torque, improve the efficiency of the screw, and extend the service life.

The ball screw can keep the advantage of low friction, and it is realized by using the lubricant to reduce the rolling resistance between the ball and the roller and the sliding friction between the ball and the ball.

Before lubrication and relubrication the ball screw must be thoroughly cleaned to remove all contaminants. Contamination is one of the main causes of premature failure of ball screw.

Proper lubrication can prevent most of the contaminants from entering the screw nut, which greatly reduces the damage caused by the external contaminants.

The ball screw assembly commonly used anti-rust oil in the process of transportation and storage, before using the final selection of lubricants, anti-rust oil should be completely erased.

Can use a variety of methods to fill lubricant into ball screw and keep the lubricant in the nut.