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Ball Screw Common Failures
There are two kinds of failure phenomena of ball screw

Common failures of ball screw cause CNC machine tools to produce the feed movement error, feed movement error performance on the ball screw working conditions, as reflected in excessive noise, movement is not flexible.

1, Failure phenomenon 1 -- ball screw excessive noise

      Failure cause, error, exclusion method

1) Screw support bearings gland pressing condition is not good, axial endplay, adjust bearing gland to compress the bearing end face.

2) Screw support bearings may break, axial endplay, if bearing damage, replace with new bearing.

3) The motor and the screw coupling loose, crawling, tighten the coupling lock screws.

4) Screw poor lubrication, overload, axial endplay, crawling, improve lubrication conditions so that sufficient amount of lubricating oil.

5) Ball screw balls damage, axial endplay, replace the new balls

2, Failure phenomenon 2 -- ball screw movement is not flexible

      Failure cause, error, exclusion method

1) Axial preload is too large, overload, adjust the axial clearance and preload.

2) Screw and guide rails are not parallel, overload, adjust screw bearing position, so that the screw is parallel with the guide rail.

3) Nut axis is not parallel with the guide rail, overload, adjust the nut seat position, so that screw is parallel with the guide rail.

4) Screw bending deformation, overload, adjust screw.