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Ball Screw Assembly Characteristics
Application and characteristics of ball screw assembly

The ball screw assembly is cylindrical spiral trajectory transmission parts composed by the ball screw, balls, ball nut and the related cycle parts. For the rotary motion into linear motion (main purpose), or linear motion into rotary motion (large lead). Widely used in CNC machine tools, automation equipment, measuring instruments, printing and packaging machinery, textile machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, glass machinery and other areas requiring precision path positioning.

As the rolling friction transmission component, it has the following 6 characteristics:

High transmission efficiency

The transmission efficiency of the ball screw assembly is as high as 90% ~ 98%, is 2-4 times of the sliding screw assembly, the torque can be efficiently converted into thrust, or thrust into torque.

Transmission sensitive and smooth

The ball screw assembly is the point contact rolling friction, the friction resistance is small, the sensitivity is good, the startup is no vibration, at low speed without crawling, can the μ level control micro feed.

High positioning accuracy

Ball screw assembly in the transmission process temperature rise is small, can eliminate axial clearance and preload primary elastic deformation, the screw can be pre-stretched to compensate for thermal elongation, so the availability of high positioning accuracy and repeatability of positioning accuracy.

Maintain good accuracy

Ball and raceway hardness is HRC58 ~ 63, the exact shape of the raceway, rolling friction and wear is minimal, has good precision retention, reliability and service life.

High transmission stiffness

Ball screw assembly inside and outside raceway are eccentric angle double circular arc surface, when the gap is very small in the raceway can be flexible driving. Add some preload can be eliminated if desired axial clearance and primary elastic deformation in order to obtain a good rigidity (in this case the life of a decrease).

Good synchronization performance

Because of the high accuracy and good sensitivity of ball screw assembly lead, in case of need synchronous transmission, with the same lead several ball screw assemblies can be obtained good synchronization performance.