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Ball Screw Detection And Repair
Ball Screw failures are diverse, there is no fixed pattern. Some failures are gradual onset of failures, there must be a process of development, with the increase in the use of time more and more serious; sometimes sudden failures, usually no obvious signs, and suddenly, this failure is caused by all kinds of negative factors and outside work together. Therefore, the ball screw through proper detection and maintenance is a prerequisite for fast and accurate maintenance. First to detect nut.

The failures of ball screw nut in operation mainly are:

1, Large backlash, poor positioning accuracy, unstable processing parts size.
2, Ball screw nut is not working smoothly, the noise is relatively large.
3, Ball screw nut support bearing wear or bearing preload washer with inappropriate.
4, Single nut of ball screw nut wear and clearance occurred; the nut flange plate and the working table are loosened, clearance occurred; ball screw nut balls wear, double nut clearance occurred.

For single nut ball screw, the gap between the screw nuts can not adjusted. The detection of the screw nut gap. First check whether the screw and nut thread arc has been worn, if badly worn and must replace the full set of screw nut.

The ball screw nut assembly movement is not smooth and the noise is too large, mostly due to poor lubrication, but sometimes it may caused by the servo motor drive parameter not adjusted well.

The machine tool at work if any noise and vibration, in the detection of mechanical transmission parts without problems, we must first take into account the poor lubrication problems, many machine tools after years of operation, the screw nut automatic lubrication systems are often blocked and can not be automatic lubrication. You can add the high temperature resistant, high-speed of grease in the bearing and nuts, can solve the problem.

In the ball screw detection and repair, after checking the nuts and then check screw, the screw repair method is:

Straightening Ball Screw

1, Straightening of the ball screw bending deformation, to try to eliminate internal stress; common pressure straightening method and percussion method, but in repair thread and the course of use is easily deformed again, so in case of possible can increase low-temperature aging process.

2, Finishing ball screw outer diameter

We must ensure that the outer diameter of the ball screw on the total length of the same size, because in the repair thread and the assembly calibration are based on the ball screw outer diameter.

3, Fine threading

Before repair, check the ball screw thread pitch error and cumulative pitch error, according to the largest repair margins, determine whether the ball screw can be repaired, so as to avoid fine threading at an end portion of the ball screw thread tooth thickness over decreased, affect the ball screw strength.

Note: During the installation of the ball screw, must be strictly controlled axial movement of the ball screw, this technology index will directly affect the ball screw feed system drive position accuracy. According to the actual verification showed that: first, to install the bearing assembly in the whole bearing seat of servo motor, which play a major role in the process of rotating screw drive, the axial movement of the ball screw is controlled between 0.015~0.02; and then the other end of the bearing is assembled inside the bearing seat, so that the axial movement controlled in less than 0.01. This will effectively ensure the ball screw feed system stiffness and precision.